About Us


Frances Hoffman is the founder and owner of Yah ‘den Enterprises, LLC. Born in Liberia, West Africa, her passion has always been rooted in the continent. She believes in authentic afrocentric fashion  and natural skincare products. Raised in a traditional Liberian household, she learned to value her culture, which is the primary reason why she established the company Yah ‘den Enterprises. Mrs. Hoffman deeply believes in family, faith, and charity. The Word Yah ‘den derives from the words Yahweh-Jehovah and Eden-The Beginning. One purpose of the business is to promote prosperity in the lives of the underprivileged on the African continent. Our company gives 10% of every sale to charities. 

We employ designers from many countries in Africa while promoting and improving their livelihood. We hope you fall in love with our products and fashion.